The Organizers – the Cereal Research Non-Profit Ltd., Szeged, the International Triticale Association, the Eucarpia Cereal Section, the Association of Hungarian Plant Breeders – welcome all participants to Szeged, Hungary in May 23-27, 2016.

We are coming together for this event from many parts of the world, but there is one thing in common for sure: triticale is our largely favored species and all have confidence in the future of this young and valuable crop. Circa 25 years ago, when triticale production commercially started, we did not believe that triticale would reach the four million hectares of by today. It is interesting to learn that triticale became a typical European crop – more than 85% of the world production is produced by European farmers. We consider that triticale has a great future in other continents too, especially for marginal soils, and in low input production systems.


Established in 1924, the Cereal Research Non-Profit Ltd. Szeged, Hungary – the Venue – is one of the leading institutions of the Hungarian Agricultural Ministry. Research work focus on variety development and seed production of small grain cereals, corn, and oil crops and hereby triticale breeding is one of the key research-area.


Hungary is a leading country in triticale research and production. It is fifty years now that Arpad Kiss, a pioneer researcher in triticale developed the first varieties registered in the world. Kiss was born hundred years ago in 1916, thus we dedicate this Symposium to his memory and to the other pioneers of triticale development.


After the indoor scientific discussions, on the last day, we will participate on an exciting Field Tour and social excursions. We would like to encourage you to attend this Symposium as a scientific contributor and/or as a sponsor. We are sure that you will enjoy the Hungarian hospitability and wish you an interesting, professional and agreeable personal time during the Symposium.


Dr. Lajos Bona
Chair, Organizing Committee
Dr. Geert Haesaert
President, Int. Triticale Association